Hello! My name is Zizi and I'm 10 years old.
I love making decorations for my hearing aids.
Here I am going to teach you how to make your own decorations!

I will teach you to make dangling charm decorations, and also twisty decorations that go around the tubes.
Also, I will tell you how I use beads and stickers to decorate my aids.

Some of the decorations are easy to make, but some are difficult and you will need a grown-up to help you.

My mum and dad help me make my decorations for my hearing aids.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Dreadlock twists

My mum came across some decorations that people who have dreadlocks put on their hair. They are made of Fimo. We have ordered some Fimo online, and we are going to try to make some similar twists for my hearing aids. We will tell you how it goes!

A lady called Pinkhalodesigns sells them on e-bay:

We also saw some Fimo beads for dreadlocks that look like teddy bears and little pigs. We are going to try to make those ones too for my aids.

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