Hello! My name is Zizi and I'm 10 years old.
I love making decorations for my hearing aids.
Here I am going to teach you how to make your own decorations!

I will teach you to make dangling charm decorations, and also twisty decorations that go around the tubes.
Also, I will tell you how I use beads and stickers to decorate my aids.

Some of the decorations are easy to make, but some are difficult and you will need a grown-up to help you.

My mum and dad help me make my decorations for my hearing aids.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

More twists!!

I'm sorry I have not written anything in a while. I have been on holiday!
My auntie sent me these bracelets from Claire's in Spain:

I don't know if they sell them in Claire's in this country too. I am going to make some twists. Just cutting them with scissors. They look great on my hearing aids! With just one packet of bracelets (they cost approximately £5) you can make lots of decorations. You can keep some and give some away.

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